The story of

Brian Bout

Who is Brian Bout?

As director of UDC Events, Brian Bout is more than an established name in the Dutch events industry. The North Hollander was already a fan of visiting dance events in the early 1990s. Although dance culture was still in its infancy at that time, love was immediately awakened by Brian Bout. In 1993, Brian Bout took the plunge and organized the very first edition of Mysteryland, a festival that grew into one of the most iconic dance festivals in the world.

Organizing the first edition of Mysteryland was the start of a long and successful career in the Dutch event industry. With UDC Events (United Dance Company), founded in 1999, Brian Bout ushered in a new era and launched pioneering festivals that were unparalleled in that period. With UDC Events, Brian Bout is still primarily responsible for the organization of popular events such as Dance Valley, Dutch Valley and Ground Zero.

Festival overview

Dance Valley

UDC Events director Brian Bout is the organizer of Dance Valley, one of the Netherlands’ most famous dance festivals. Read more about this successful festival!

Dutch Valley

Dutch Valley is the typical Dutch dance festival in the Netherlands, organized by Brian Bout. Curious about the success story? You can read it here!

Ground Zero

Brian Bout annually organizes Ground Zero, the only night festival in the Netherlands. Read more about the success behind this hard dance festival here!

Brian Bout: successful event organizer

Brian Bout knows better than anyone which elements are needed to set up a successful event. The Edam understands better than anyone that organizing a festival is more than just choosing a suitable location and selecting the right artists. Brian Bout wants the total experience of festival visitors to be above average. The festivals of UDC Events have elements that are distinctive from other events: Dance Valley is popular for its varied range of music, Dutch Valley creates a traditional Dutch atmosphere and Ground Zero is the only night festival in the Netherlands.

Brian Bout’s legacy extends beyond the successful events he has organized with UDC Events. His contribution to the development of Dutch dance culture is invaluable. Brian Bout’s ability to stay ahead of trends and his obsessive commitment to excellence have set the industry standard.